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Quality work by father and son.


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  • carmel paintingk
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  • carmel painting
  • carmel painting
  • carmel painting
  • carmel painting
  • carmel painting
  • carmel painting
  • carmel painting

carmel painting

Hello , we are Hedy and Cyrus!

The father and son owners of Carmel Painting, Inc put their 50 years of combined expertise into every contract to guarantee the client will be able to enjoy the clean look of fresh paint for many years to come.

carmel painting

Protect, Renew & Beautify

Whether  you property is stucco, siding, smart board brick, stone, hardy board or cedar, we have the perfect coatings for the job. it will protect ,renew and beautify your house  or other important investment.

 carmel painting

Quick, durable & friendly

We use the finest Low VOC  paints available. They dry quickly and produce very little odor. Everything is painted with long lasting. durable coatings. We often use an a sanding system that limits the amount of dust and airborne particulates.